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A lightboard is a transparent writing surface (glass or plexiglass). When writing on it with a special marker the written text becomes illuminated. The lightboard makes it possible to create videos with the presenter facing the audience while writing.

What you need to build your own lightboard

The first Lightboard

Lightboard Introduction Video Youtube Video

In 2019, a group of Vanier teachers I was part of, received a Saltise Mini-Grant to build a lightboard. I was coordinating the project and building it. The board was built so it could be easily moved around the college. For security and financial reasons, plexiglass was used. The main disadvantage of plexiglass is that it easily scratches. And indeed, in the months that we used the board, it has accumulated its fair share of them. However, we discovered, that when using the board in front of a bright background (and bright clothing), those scratches are not really visible in the video.

The second Lighboard

Second Lightboard Youtube Video

With the 2020 pandemic, I was now working from home and did not want to travel to the college just to use the lightboard. Thus I build a second one at home. The second board is smaller and built with 10 mm thick, 36x24 inch, ultra-clear, untempered glass.

-> Youtube playlist: Videos with and about the lightboard


Filmed on white background

Filmed on white background Youtube Video

Filmed on blue background

Filmed on blue background Youtube Video