Stefan Bracher

Immagine-Mia - A php-function to display pictures on a website

Immagine-Mia was a php function I developped to display pictures on a website. It featured thumbnail creation and picture comments. Unlike other php-photogalleries, Immagine-Mia did NOT require a database. It is still used in the "Trips" section of this website.

How it worked

Originally, if a visitor wanted to see a web-page that included an immagine-mia image gallery, the visitor's computer sent a request to the php-page on the server of the website. The server then downloaded the immagine-mia fuction code from immagine-mia website and included it it's own php script. The advantage of doing so was that all sites using the script always had the most recent version of immagine-mia without needing an update. This incusion of remote function is now deactivated in modern versions of php for security reasons. So the remaining websites with immagine mia have now a local copy of the script.

Working principle of immagine-mia