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Mechanics Concept overview

Concept overview Mechanics PDF

Formulas for College Physics

Formulas for College Physics PDF


Math Review

Review of various math topics PDF

Scientific Math Bingo

Online Math Review Activity Web-Application



Presentation on vectors PDF

Graphical vector addition: Head to Tail

Video showing the Head to Tail Method Youtube Video

Vector Problem Examples

Videos with example vector problems Video collection


Motion with constant acceleration

Formulas for motion with constant acceleration Video collection

a-t, v-t and s-t graphs Example

a-t, v-t and s-t graphs Youtube Video

Freefall Example: Object thrown downwards

Object thrown downwards Youtube Video

Using a Smarth-Phone to generate a-t graphs

Acceleration measurements using the Accelerometer of a Smart-Phone PDF


FBD's and Newtons 3rd Law

Presentation on Free Body Diagrams and Newton's 3rd Law of Motion PDF

Linear Statics Example: Box on Surface

Box on surface Youtube Video


Linear Dynamics Example: Two boxes

2 Boxes on surface Youtube Video

Conservation of Linear Momentum

The Rocket equation

The Rocket equation Youtube Video